Structure-Function Radiologic Anatomy

Dr. Larry Cochard - Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

This program is a formal part of the course in that it identifies the structures on X-rays and CTs that you are expected to learn. Study the program on your own (or in a group), and relate the features you see in the films to the structures you study in the lab. X-rays will be on the practical exams, with labeled features selected from those that appear here.

Vertebral Column Thorax Abdomen
Pelvis Extremities Skull
Film X-Ray CT
Cervical Spine (AP) View  
Cervical Spine (Lateral) View  
Lumbar Spine (AP) View  
Lumbar Spine (Lateral) View  
Scotty Dog View  
spacer Instructions: Roll the mouse pointer over a number and identify the highlighted portion of the xray. Verify your answer by clicking on the number.

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